Chakras & Aura May 28 2011

Never underestimate the importance of well balanced chakras ⧬

my chakras

a few years ago i had a conversation with my teacher eddie that went something like this. very typical of most of our talks...
HIM: Hey, wassup?
ME: Nothin, wassup with you?
HIM: Nothin
ME: Cool
HIM: Cool
ME: Yo man, all this yoga and puja you do. you must have some mystical powers by now, i mean you must at least be able to read auras and shit.
HIM: Oh, reading auras...that's kid stuff
ME: Word! What color is my auru
HIM: (looks me up and down and says) "Beige"

But i had a vision the other day of my true aura, so i put it down on paper as best as i could.

my aura